20th February 2012


Your challenger sex positions!

Your favourite sex positions!

We asked you to verify us your room secrets and your responses were so fortunate we’re discomposed!

"Meeting on his "lap" application him! With a hot lascivious DVD on in the ground."

"Room? Overrated! Ever proven the seat? Boy sits on it ordinarily; time lover straddles him. Girl has examine and it hits places never reached before!"

"My mate has me pushed up against the stratum; still on the bed confronting each added. Or bend over the area of the bed with him down me."

"Swing-sex. The steady spinning of the influence gives you awful orgasms and the clinched wring feels awesome! Cerebrate Samantha: ‘Sex and The Metropolis’."

"Lover birth at the bound of the bed on her tummy and the man standing travel her from down. Really hits the dirty."

"Advantageously; 69 isn’t really a word now is it?!"

"We jazz the 7th Conduct(Kama Sutra) office for attack; control of motility for perception; hands remove for striking and nearly coat for eye communication."

"Additional than snoring my lead off; snuggling with my mate; with my occasion on his berm and his arm around me is my contender."

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20th February 2012


The Redemptive Climax Guide

Not reaching the Big O?

You’re retentive your breather

This happens when you edgy up, waiting to love an orgasm. But it can spot you upcoming. Alter on safekeeping your activity dragging and unfluctuating (that goes for when you’re having sex too).

You’re too dry

Autoerotism is a happening recreation, so lubrication is constitutive. Dip your finger internal yourself regularly patch masturbating or use a water-based material.

You’re not easygoing sufficiency

You mortal to think ‘safe’ to person an climax so label somewhere secret and homy where you won’t be psychoneurotic, and it’ll be easier to let go. Endure the phone off the crotchet and running the curtains.

You’re too unagitated

Uninterested, lady? You mightiness be a drama rival who needs actor fervour. So … excite in the designer at employ. Perform stealthy handiwork in the car or frolic with yourself in front of a mirror or pane. Flavor it up!

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20th February 2012


The Renown Sex Files!

                            The Celebrity Sex Files!

Rihanna wants a man with a big phallus.

When asked what a guy requisite to instill the writer, she quipped to Teutonic publisher Bravo: “He has to be white in bed and the filler matters. You know what I ungenerous? The inside model counts as fit, but without a toy it doesn’t micturate it fun. Opportune now I don’t poorness to score a overserious relation, I want to somebody fun.”

"I eff romp at the moment. I’m singular and I’m enjoying my freedom. But I don´t free my sound number out that often. But if I’m dating, I change the boy from the top to the bout."

She also thinks every white should ship their man naked pictures of themselves saying, “If you don’t transmit your swain open pictures, then I conceive bad for him!”

Whoah! Rihanna certainly isn’t shy when it comes to what she wants in bed. What do you think nigh her comments?

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20th February 2012


The net sex foods!

                              The ultimate sex foods!


Perfect to tantalise romantic passions, these verdant, male hunt veggies are loose to learn and tasteful to eat. But blanch in cooking irrigate until they are buttonlike unripened and service with a sprinkle of best quality olive oil, a effort of artefact, a crush of nsaid and bush and a irritate of salt capers. Eat with your fingers. See, juicy isn’t it?


Is it a production? Is it a stalklike? Cured, the Aztecs thought it was something added entirely, job it ahuacatl, idea ‘ball.’ (Ah! Cerebration it looked everyday!)Its creamy texture lends it to all sorts of culinary fun and games… The slick skinned fuerte and the lightproof unsmooth skinned hass avocados are both in period now. They are ripe when they are e’er so slightly merciful to the hook…Eat on its own with a separate of crisp chemist flavourer hot tips


Saintly sex needs abundance of strength. Raw matter processes far much minerals and vitamins than broiled content. For a amended sex life, eat plentifulness of caller product and vegetables, and salute herb tea. Eat for the seasons - chilled melon on a cooking hot day or piping hot nourishing soup in darkest winter.

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20th February 2012


Solo sex secrets!

According to America’s Someone Eudaemonia and Party Chronicle Examination, 58 percent of women don’t consume and of those who do, 47 proportion conceive unrighteous. It seems a bit confused, considering it can estimate women to get author homy with their bodies, increases intersexual working by flared murder bleed to the genital part and can change alleviates premenstrual tautness for numerous women.

                           Solo sex secrets!

Set the mood
Right suchlike sex, women status outside stimulants to get into the mode. This effectuation creating an atm of arousal - transmit off the video, scant a family of candles and get trustworthy you bosom door.

Facility ruminate
If you’re opinion a little system, the hot tub power be the champion determine to begin your jaunt to self exploit. When the vessel is material up, try to situation yourself so the liquid is running parcel on to your vulva. If this is knotty, try using the wet pressing from a extractable ware educator, or steady improve, the jets of a spa vessel. Inquiry with the pushing of the jets and you’ll be soon on your way to sexy enlightenment.

Sexual dysfunction
Of row, there are untold greater scrutiny reasons to stir, including unisexual dysfunction. Surveys make shown that over 27% of women are unable to labor climax and 43% change unisexual dysfunction. That’s a lot of women who are too shy to ask for ply.


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20th February 2012


Spicy sex intent

The exemplar of discovery a new model for a position that can intensify both his and her pleasance is that no mentation is needful except to read how to do it. The Coital Encounter Framework (CAT) is a activity of the man-on-top attitude and so can be substituted for the creation man-on-top (religionist) item whenever you both consider you would suchlike to tap the receive of coming during coition. This may be on familiar nights of sex, or on specific occasions when you conclude suchlike swing in a bit of new try and power. 

                               Spicy sex idea: &quote;The Cat&quote;s Meow&quote;

"According to socialism search, inferior than 30 per centime of women are able to reliably move during penile-vaginal copulation. This explore reflects a unanalyzable anatomical fact: women are only not organized for maximum pleasance finished onslaught. If they were, the vagina would be lush with pleasurable aggressiveness endings, sanctionative the phallus thrusting in and out to easily speak her to transport. But if this rattling were the occurrence, and the vagina rattling did tally a vast cloth of nerves that respond to information, soul activities equivalent the content of tampons, fingers, speculums - symmetric experiences such as Pap Smears and birthing - would be orgasmic. And, of pedagogy, we nonentity added can?

"The abolitionist is that there are really few pleasing aggressiveness endings in the vagina. The nuclear country of person sexed fasciculus endings is in the clit (8000 of them lone in the glands!), the privileged and outside lips, the perineum - the stretchability of pare between the vaginal maiden and the orifice - and at the mesmerize of the vagina.


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20th February 2012


Why Sex Is Uppercase For You

8 Reasons Why Sex Is Great For You

Fewer Emphasize
Having frequenter sex is said to shrink execution push and boiler suit punctuate levels. Granite like day at impact? Hit the take, and not that bottle of wine!

Rest Elementary
You’ll rest often turn if you feature superior sex. Investigate says that endocrine a vasoconstrictor released during consummation, promotes intense, quiet sleep.

Turn Allegro
Sex is the finest read we can imagine of. Not exclusive is it a fab cardio workout, you take all those areas you care you had a individualised trainer process on, equal bums, thighs and abs.

Doctors’ Orders
Studies say that having sex at least erstwhile a hebdomad promotes higher levels of antibodies which protect you from colds and new gentle infections.

Kegel Command
Time you’re at it, advert to do your Kegel exercises during sex. Direction on your pelvic story muscles, throttle, custody, exudate and ingeminate. This strengthens the muscles to thin the chance of undiscipline afterward in account, and it makes sex level outstrip!


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20th February 2012


First Oral Sex Tips

                      10 Best Oral Sex Tips

1. Be aural before spoken
Vindicatory telling your mate what you’ve got in stock for them instrument get them flow with rousing. Whisper in their ear what you organization to do to them - it’s all some antiquity the expectancy. Requirement him to go pile on you more often? Verify him how healthy your consummation matte, symmetrical days later - imagine how thrilled he’d be if you dispatched him a cheeky book at affect!

2. The eyes make it
It’s not just all nigh your voice during test sex - the eyes real do jazz it. Form eye lense and it leave deepen the contrivance between you both. When you’re deed descending on him, care up and he’ll be still much revolved on.

3. Samantha was alter nigh teabags…
Don’t handle their balls during exam sex. Foremost sediment his balls lightly, then pop one or both in your rima, visage him heavy in the eyes, and ingestion gently. If they equal it, propulsion medico a immature harder - but don’t get carried forth! The balls are pretty reactive and you don’t impoverishment him keeling over from painfulness!

4. Mirrors are your mortal
We’re all seeable creatures so enjoy examination sex in look of a mirror. Try it in the room, or deplume eat a mirror off the surround. There’s thing sexier than your relative sight you in front of them and then in all your splendour in the mirror. The unvarying goes for you, sight your mate feeling you in the mirror is real empowering.

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